Predictive Maintenance
for small and medium-sized enterprises
01 —
Predictive Maintenance is a lightweight solution for maintenance at asset-intensive enterprises, using big data analysis for businesses.
02 —
Technology in development for 2 years together with an external partner / first legal entity run in 2017 with first project sold.
03 —
Currently working with world class International Industry partners.
04 —
KMO decided to integrate the solution in the German market in 2019.
Reduce Equipment Down-time
Reduce Maintenance and Repair Cost
Reducing the time for the diagnosis of components and repairing process
Comprehensive optimization of supplier, warehouse, and stock
Reducing the time for the diagnosis of components and repairing process
Reducing the number
of maintenance staff
Quickly create new models (2-15 days)
GB/day processed
Math models - digitized experience of engineers, industrial experts and designers, enhanced with AI
Based on platform
for processing Big Data
Operative work orders scheduling
Interactive map with locomotives' location
Prioritized list of locomotives per each depot by its condition
Interactive 2D model of each locomotive with failure predictions for each part
Automatics work arrangement prior to locomotive's entering to repair yard by telemetry data
Automated Incident search and failure prediction for each component of locomotives
Compilation of relevant work orders per each incident
Integration with ERP
Quality management
Rheostat testing
Root cause analysis for failures and works quality management
On-going usage monitoring
Control of the adequacy of locomotive status code transfers
Performance monitoring
Data science services
We created Data Scientists base to help you in selecting right experts, who can resolve your professional needs.
Our Data Scientists develop software platforms using advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning algorithms
engineering professionals that can augment your team of data scientists
years of experience
projects successfully completed
Data Scientist expertise covering the following disciplines:
Electric Motors & Generators
Automotive Components
Asset Integrity
Pumps & Compressors
Pipes & Fluid control systems
Expertise at Digital connection with
01 —
02 —
03 —
Data models
Software Interface
Hardware Interface
Algorithm development
Machine learning techniques
Data Analysis
Numerical modeling of physical processes
Anomaly detection
Digital signal processing
Model construction for industrial equipment
API development coding
How Our Service Model Works
Skills and Languages
Technical discovery
to understand the issues
and SOW requirements
Develop a technical
and commercial proposal
Assign a dedicated program manager and agree on program metrics
Develop and monitor program metrics throughout the entire project delivery
Check process to ensure quality deliverables and contract adherence
The methodology of our work
The methodology of our work
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