Predictive Maintenance
for small
and medium-sized enterprises
About us
We offer you the solutions based on development products for intellectual data analysis
What we stand for
We create, customize, plan and implement Predictive Maintenance software solutions and services to foster digitalization in the diverse industries.
Our experience in developing and implementing high quality IT products which have already confirmed it's effectiveness allows us to ensure that all your wishes in the field of predictive maintenance will be realized.

We have strong international team and partners which is high motivated to complete your ambitious projects.
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We have been cooperating with an external partner for the last 2 years to develop and implement predictive maintenance solutions. We have already successfully completed 3 projects and we are striving to adapt our experience and solutions to the German market.
Predictive Maintenance solutions to achieve Industry 4.0
Our solutions are built to:
solve the tasks of predictive maintenance;
monitor the technical condition;
analyze and predict data from equipment;
make more effective management decisions;
reduce the number of maintenance staff.
The solution is easily portable, customized and integrated with other systems.
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Our Benefits
Low cost of Data Science specialists (We have a profitable agreement with an external partner).
High speed of implementation (Deployment in an enterprise environment takes up to 6 months, depending on internal regulations and the complexity of the IT landscape).
Broad experience (We have broad experience in a field of developing and implementing predictive maintenance solutions) link on examples.
Personalized opportunity (We are ready to make a custom-made solution for your needs).
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